International Patients

Dr Smiles provides world-class treatment for patients from all over the world. The quality of dental care provided in India is on par with international standards and an individual can enjoy the same quality of care, services and treatment options, at a fraction of the cost that it would be in their home country.

We understand that receiving medical treatment in another country can be stressful. We are here to ensure that the entire process happens smoothly. Please read through the following tips if you are planning to travel to India for treatment.

Planning your trip

After your treatment is confirmed and scheduled at Dr Smiles, you can begin planning out your trip to India.

The first thing you need to do is let your local dental clinic know that you intend to travel internationally and confirm whether or not it is safe for you to do so.

After learning which dentist will handle your procedure at our clinic, please make sure to check the doctor’s experience and credentials on our Doctors page.


There is a wide variety of accommodation options available within the vicinity of all Dr Smiles’ clinics. They include five-star hotels, three-star hotels as well as budget accommodations.

Many people tend to combine dental treatments with a holiday so that they can make use of their trip. Our clinics are located near shopping areas, restaurants and various landmarks, for which you can find reservations and/or tickets during your stay.

What to bring along with you

You will require a valid passport visa (if required). India offers Visa on arrival to citizens of certain countries. Please find out what kind of Visa you will require.

Also copies of your travel documents and medical reports, just in case something gets misplaced or lost.

Carry all your dental records with you including any documents relevant to the treatment that you will be receiving.

After you arrive

If you are traveling on a medical visa, you will be required to register at the Foreigners Regional Registration office within 14 days of arrival.

You will be required to produce your passport at the hospital’s registration counter, and we will maintain a copy of the same as per the requirements of the Indian government.

Local transport

Hyderabad has a network of good public transport options including a metro system, buses and autos. Taxi services are also available and can be booked via their respective apps, online or via telephone. from your accommodation to the clinic and within the city itself can be done easily.

After procedure

After treatment, all information related to your procedure including the medications you need to take and follow-up care will be given to you in a file. You will also be given the contact information of the dentists who were involved in your procedure in case you have any queries.

To learn more about what we offer and for any other clarifications, please reach out to us.

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