General Dentistry

Routine checkups and examinations

Dental Attrition

Dental attrition is mostly wear caused by tooth to tooth contact. The wear appears on tooth ridges and cusps. It can also be caused by grinding, clenching, growth defects, a diet comprising of rough foods or lack of posterior teeth support. Even natural teeth frequently coming into contact with porcelain teeth can cause attrition.

Education On Oral Hygiene

Your child should have visited a dentist for a checkup by their first birthday. Teaching a child good habits is also imperative to ensure good dental health. As a baby, you can gently brush the gums with a soft baby toothbrush, with a soft washcloth or with just a finger. Once a baby’s teeth appear, they must be brushed twice a day. Brush and floss before bedtime and after that, don’t give your child anything else to eat or drink until the next morning, except for water.


It is not always possible to remove dental plaque and calculus (tartar) only through brushing. This is when a dentist will perform dental scaling, either through the use of manual instruments or ultrasonic instruments. Cleaning will be done below the gum line to remove buildup, which is why it is often called deep cleaning.

Dental Restoration

A full mouth dental restoration is a serious and complicated series of procedures, but it can improve dental health and confidence in smiling. Dental restoration is the process of rebuilding both the upper and lower rows of teeth and can include procedures like crowns, veneers, and dental bridges.

Sports Mouth Guard

High impact sports and sports that involve flying equipment can pose a threat to a player’s teeth and jaws. For this reason, mouth guards can be used to protect the mouth. They typically cover the upper teeth and help prevent injury from broken teeth and cut lips.

Food Lodgement

When food sticks to your teeth and doesn’t wash off easily, it is called food lodgement. It will irritate your gums and cause a grainy feeling between your teeth. Food can get stuck in between your teeth for a variety of reasons including overcrowding, dental cavities, advanced gum disease or due to open contact teeth. Food lodgment can also cause problems such as bad breath.

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